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Happy Hour at The W Hotel

We're back, bringing the entertainment community of Austin together for a simple happy hour at the W Hotel in Downtown Austin! Be ready for some connection-savvy surprises!

Following our last awesome 200 attendee event, we want to keep the Austin Entertainment Community connected with a Happy Hour! We'll have a sign in with name tags, and our usual connections techniques to make sure the room flows and you meet as many people as possible, for friendship as well as business! NEW! There will be a rotating "Flag"!

This flag will have different connection topics such as "Actors and Directors", "Technical and Producers", "Investors and short film directors", "Pitch Masters and Screen Writers". These will interchange throughout the event, in different areas, so people can congregate at a flag as they feel, or hang out with others connecting at the bar and in other areas, until their flag pops up! Don't be late!