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First, this isn't for everyone.

Some people aren't at a place yet where they're ready to take advantage of the strategy and optimization I provide. Although they'll find it motivating and inspirational, if they're not ready to immediately implement an actionable process and approach to their pursuits and goals, they may not be ready for this level of consulting.

I don't want to waste your time or mine. And I certainly don't want to take your money if I can't give you immediate tools to upgrade your situation.

But this might be for you if...

You're an entrepreneur, business owner, self-starter, work-at-home side-hustler, professional, or unfulfilled go-getter looking for meaningful success or new direction.

I've consulted and helped hundreds of people seeking peak performance from producers, actors, directors, writers and film students to professionals looking to break into the entertainment business.

So why me?

With a stronghold in Hollywood as a Producer, I've built supervised hundreds of employees, and been in the trenches where optimization of input, process, and approach is everything.

It's a competitive world, but sometimes we're mindlessly competing with ourselves. As I learn about you and your unique situation, I can find the path of least resistance for you to achieve your passions, and more importantly... your purpose.

My emphasis is on your end goal and the bottom line for you to ultimately make yourself money.

What does this cost?

My fees are as varied and unique as your situation. Some of my favorite clients weren't charged a penny, because we ultimately became collaborators or even went into business together!

Some people just need a deep 2-hour phone or FaceTime session. Some need a 6-week, once-a-week process. And others need more of a once-a-month analysis over a year.

Again, if I can't help you or provide value, I won't charge you. So the best way to get a quote is to email me.

EMAIL ME HERE and tell me your situation.

It won't cost you anything to reach out. I'll get back to you within 72 hours

In Closing

If I think you're a good candidate to consult, I'll let you know. I don't accept everyone, because not everyone is ready yet for this level of advisement. That's why you don't see paypal or venmo buttons here. I don't want you to prepay for something I can't deliver. But if I determine there's a clear path for you to substantially upgrade and optimize your situation, you'll get a quote from me.

Thank you!

Jennifer Hutchins

Jerome courshon- film distribution

Film Producer, Distribution Expert, and today’s “go-to” authority of how to get a film to market, Jerome Courshon has broken open the “exclusive club” of successful independent producers with his innovative teachings entitled “THE SECRETS TO DISTRIBUTION: Get Your Movie Distributed Now!”. 

Along with his Master Classes, varied lectures, and an elite consulting service, Courshon provides valuable strategies to Producers & Directors in getting their films into the top distribution channels. Courshon provides valuable strategies to Producers & Directors in getting their films into the top distribution markets. Clients have achieved distribution with Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, among numerous others. Click HERE for more. 

Barbara Daoust- Career Coach

Highly successful people are constantly stepping outside their comfort zone.  They are willing to do the things that most people don't want to do.  Therefore, they form the habits of success. I've worked with many people who succeed not because of their talent, but because of their success mindset.  They have the ability to persevere in spite of their challenges.  Mindset is key.  You will never outperform your self-image.  You will keep doing what you already know and keep getting the same results.  What are your results?  Are you willing to change them?

Barbara Daoust is an acclaimed Success & Business Mindset Coach, author, and inspirational speaker. Barbara shows highly talented, creative, and powerful people how to get out of their own way, tap into their greatness and accomplish big goals.  She works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals on how to break through fears, limitations, and negative mindsets in order to achieve bigger and better results.  She helps people to break up with perfectionism, say goodbye to procrastination, and get out of the way so that they can achieve lifetime dreams.

Barbara spent most of her career in Theatre Arts, Film and Television as a director, acting coach, writer, and producer. She directed a production of "Quisbies", which was performed at the Kennedy Center, coached the Olsen Twins for 10 years, directed their animated series and taught many young professionals who are now celebrities. Her search for consistently dramatic and lasting results led her to become a certified "Thinking into Results" consultant with the Proctor/Gallagher Institute. 

She now blends her 25 years of acting, directing and writing experience inspiring people to connect with their deepest desires so that they can live more fulfilled lives.

Heather Hale-  Film & TV Markets

Heather Hale is a film and television director, screenwriter and producer with over 60 hours of credits who is an expert at pitching at all the major markets (AFM, NATPE, etc.). Join us on July 19 when she will share strategies on how to customize your marketing materials to attach celebrities, attract investors and distributors and engage prospective production partners. 

Heather's recent How to Work the Film & TV Markets: A Guide for Content Creators (Focal Press) clarifies critical paths for StoryTellers around the world who want to become Story$ellers. We’re delighted she’s going to join us virtually to share with us some actual current, real world samples of pitch decks, equity investor proposals and attachment solicitation presentations for the entire spectrum of prospects you may strive to meet on a market floor. Her next book: Story$elling: How to Develop, Market and Pitch Film & TV Projects is due out next year with Michael Weise Productions while her website offers a great many free Film & TV resources for producersscreenwriters and investors alike. 

terence michael- Creation, Finance, management

Emmy-nominated producer, Terence Michael, has produced over 20 movies and 30 TV shows. He additionally hosts 2 podcasts about the entertainment industry. In his spare time, he invests in real estate, runs a mortgage business, and consults entrepreneurs on how to monetize their passions and be happy in the process.

Terence has been developing, producing, and delivering story content, from film to television, over the course of ownership in three separate production companies covering most of the major studios, networks, and agencies in "Hollywood." 

He has now produced feature films distributed by studios such as Sony, Universal, MGM, Lionsgate, and HBO; and executive produced television shows airing on networks such as NBC, Fox, MTV, VH1, Showtime, Lifetime, TLC, Bravo, Spike, Esquire, Syfy, Travel Channel, and A&E. Terence enjoys both developing and producing intellectual properties and formats for 100% Terry Cloth as well as show running other existing network or cable shows.  Click HERE for more.