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Following a surgery that came with complications, he began practicing yoga to rehabilitate himself. He quickly discovered that while yoga had a dramatic effect on his body and physical well being, it had an even more dramatic effect on his mind and mental well being. 

While yoga opened the door to a new way of living, there was still more research to be done. Jonathan began studying people: how people lived, why they did what they did, what they really wanted from life, and how they defined and achieved success. 

His studies brought him to one conclusion: People’s success is entirely dependent on their belief system. He also found that most people were afraid and didn’t naturally believe in themselves. And, he learned that belief systems can be changed, and how to change them. 

With this knowledge, Jonathan redirected his life. He now spends time teaching people reprogram their belief systems, allowing them to create massive success and live the life of their dreams. If you are looking to create your massive success, consider following Jonathan, and learn what’s possible for you.