I’ve made several good friends through AEB, one of whom introduced me to an agent who is pitching my pilot to a well-known producer who has three shows currently on the air.

— Phillip Ramati - Writer
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The AEB event at the W Hotel was such a success & I had the opportunity to network with so many like minded people. I really enjoyed hearing David Hartstein’s testimony about the films he has produced. It is so encouraging to hear the success & the tips in the film industry here in Austin.
— Jane Morrison - Model
I found the AEB event well organized, informative, and connective.
— Michael Husband - CEO Desert Pirate Productions
Stan Wong.jpg
I enjoyed the networking and there were a strong group of serious professionals in attendance. This is definitely the best networking group I’ve ever been to!
— Stan Wong, Producer
Loved the group, and the format of being able to do :30-:60 pitch of myself and hearing others. That’s a really cool thing. It’s nice to hear specifically what people are looking for at that moment.
— Lee Rothenflue, Post Editor & Supervisor
Asha Bynum.jpg
Connecting with AEB and Jennifer Hutchins landed me my first paid gig as a PA on a web series and slowly but surely I began landing more and more PAID projects. I’ve started getting work as an editor and videographer via word of mouth, too. I highly recommend Austin Entertainment Business as a resource for film and entertainment professionals.
— Asha Bynum

My film partner & I attended an Austin Entertainment Business networking event. We met several people that we’re hoping to partner with in the future. Thank you for having these.

— Kisha C,G. - Director, Writer, & Actress

“Very informative meetup with surprisingly productive networking”
— Jeff Runnels- Actor
Austin Entertainment Business founder Jennifer Hutchins spoke at my game design interactive storytelling class. My students really enjoyed hearing about her experience and getting her feedback on their story pitches. Jennifer’s insight and advice helped redirect and refine their visions of what they are creating.
— Erik Carpenter- Teacher- The Art Institute of Austin
Thank you Jennifer for creating this invaluable group! You really asked spot on questions with the guest speakers, I learned so much!!!
— Julie Blake- Business Coach & Consultant

More Testimonials

The self-introductions were a nice way to break the ice and provide an idea of who was at the event so I could make sure to talk to them. It also made it easier for those who hadn’t introduced themselves to talk to me since they already knew a little about me.
— Geoffrey Marschall, Director of Photography
Fantastic group of people, and many I have not yet met!
— James Crouch, Editor
One of the best I’ve been to!
— Tom Procida, Writer
I’ve been to two Austin Entertainment Business meetup’s so far, and it has benefited me already. The first meetup led to an internship role in a production company. I volunteered at the second event, and it led to a paid gig as a production assistant at SXSW. The community at the Austin Entertainment Business meetup is full of people looking to help each other out. I’m so glad I started going!
— Tanner Walters- Production Assistant/ AC/ Drone Operator
“This was a fantastic event. I couldn’t recommend this meetup group enough.”
— Dave Wirth- Composer
Fun and a good way to get involved in Austin entertainment.
— Danny Carter- Actor